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Joe Wicks, 32, tested out a giant treadmill built on the staircase of YouTuber Colin Furze's home in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Colin designed the Gladiator-style Travelator as a way of keeping fit.
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The UK is already making significant progress on HIV, with new diagnoses down 28 per cent in two years as Health Secretary aims to eradicate the virus in England by 2030. Emma Chipili, 35, of Ferndale, Rhondda, South Wales, was asleep in bed with baby Lincoln when she woke to find him struggling to breathe and her hair tangled around his throat.
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President Trump lashed out at U.S. intelligence agencies, putting them in the awkward position of being at odds with the commander in chief over Iran and North Korea. A yearlong, randomized trial in England showed that e-cigarettes were almost twice as successful as products like patches or gum for smoking cessation. Drug maker Roche has pulled the plug on two major trials of an Alzheimer's drug that were in their final stages, adding crenezumab to the list of over 100 failed experimental treatments.

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Verizon has decided to bring back unlimited data plans. But while that's great for its subscribers, it's awful news for investors. It's another sign of how brutally competitive the telecom business is. And it's hurting Verizon's stock. A joint production by a Boston theater company and Google hopes to bring high-quality Shakespeare to wider audiences, and new audiences into theaters.
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Four times, Serena Williams was only one point a single point from closing out a victory in the Australian Open quarterfinals. Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.
Researchers identified hundreds of gene variations that may be connected to when people go to bed.
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Some of the best images of the day taken by Reuters photographers across the globe and selected by our editors. The California native is an energy person who worked in TV and then did a little of everything at the couples start-up. It all prepared her to take it public. The Taiwanese companys intent to build a $10 billion plant with 13,000 jobs was hailed by President Trump. It now sees a shift toward research.
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Microsoft Corp has been awarded a five-year contract worth $1.76 billion for delivering enterprise services for the Defense Department, Coast Guard and intelligence services, the Pentagon said on Friday.
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As the dance team Augie and Margo, Mrs. Rodriguez and her husband helped mambo evolve from a nightclub craze into popular mainstream entertainment.

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